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Redwood Decking & Lumber

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Redwood Decking & Lumber

Imagine entertaining your family and loved ones outside on a vibrant Redwood deck with distinct patterns, and characteristics of each board, making your Redwood deck a unique piece of wood that cannot be duplicated.  Redwood lumber is a popular choice amongst homeowners because of its natural red color and it's durability to resist fire, insects, and decay.   Redwood decking wood is not only beautiful, but it also has the following benefits:

  • The decking lumber is environmentally friendly
  • The decking lumber is decay resistant
  • The decking lumber is fire resistant
  • The decking lumber is low-maintenance

Discover which type of Redwood grade is right for you

When it comes to Redwood, there are over 30 different grades of lumber to choose from!  The decking lumber is graded by its durability and appearance.  The most common grades of the decking lumber include architectural grades, which include the Heart grades.  Heart grades are usually kiln dried and the decking lumber from these grades is used for cabinetry, paneling and siding and a wide variety of decking projects.
One of the other common grades for the vibrant decking lumber is the garden grade; the garden grades include Construction Heart, Deck Common, and Deck Heart.  These lumber grades are usually used in or near soil, hence the name garden grades.   The Redwood from these grades are used to make posts and for outside use.  There are is a wide variety of lumber grades to choose from.   If you are not sure which lumber grade is right for your next project, give one of our lumber specialists a call, and they can explain the different grades of Redwood lumber and which one will be the perfect fit for your next project.

When you have the right tools, installing Redwood lumber is quick and easy

When it comes to choosing a decking lumber that is long lasting, many people choose Redwood, simply because it is a breeze to work with.   This type of lumber   has virtually little to no shrinkage or swelling when it is exposed to water.  In fact, this decking lumber can withstand all harsh weather conditions and it    is less likely to warp, cup, check, or split.   Redwood is also an easy lumber to glue, saw, drill, and nail, and has little to no pitch or resins.  The little presence of pitch and resins makes Redwood a perfect decking lumber to accept coating, staining, and painting easily.  Whether you want to use Redwood lumber for a beautiful outdoor deck, fence or gazebo, you can rest assured that working with this type of decking lumber is fairly easy. As long as you have the right tools, installing this decking lumber will be a breeze. 

The perfect tools for creating your Redwood deck include:

  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • Alumni or hot-dipped galvanized fasteners

Redwood is good for the environment

Redwood decking lumber bridges the gap for more sustainable new homes.  Redwood lumber is an environmentally friendly product due to the fact that it is recyclable, renewable and biodegradable.   Redwood decking wood is produced with solar power, which reduces the carbon emissions that is detrimental to the environment.  It's a sustainable decking wood that is beautiful and more affordable than you think.

The common uses of Redwood

While Redwood is great for outdoor decking, it is also used for a wide variety of projects such as:

  • Heavy construction redwood deck
  • Furniture 
  • Veneers
  • Beams
  • Posts

What can you expect when installing this fiery red decking wood?

After you install your Redwood decking lumber, you can expect an elegant piece of wood that is:

  • The decking wood is durable
  • The decking wood is versatile
  • The  decking wood is low-maintenance 
  • The decking wood is fire resistant
  • The decking wood is alluring
  • The decking wood is long lasting

Call one of our lumber specialists to discover if Redwood is the right wood for you
At  Austin Wholesale Lumber,  we carry Redwood lumber, as well as other  decking woods such as Cedar,  Ipe,  Red Balau,  Massaranduba and  a wide variety of composite,  natural, and plastic decking woods. If you are looking for an environmentally friendly wood that is beautiful, insect resistant, long lasting, and versatile then Redwood decking wood is for you.  Whether you want to use Redwood decking for you next project or you have a question about other types of decking wood and lumber we carry, give one of our  lumber specialists a call to explore your deck building options today.

General information on Redwood

Click here to request a quote - we offer VERY competitive pricing!

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