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Massaranduba Decking

Imagine having a nice BBQ, where you invite family and friends over to talk about life and good times. The highlight of the day is not the scrumptious hot dogs, but rather the talk about your beautiful reddish-brown deck. You will feel a sense of pride when everyone starts to talk about how beautiful and polished your exotic deck is. They will probably ask you is your deck real, how you chose the beautiful color and about the decking process and more. Then you can tell them why you chose Massaranduba as your decking wood of choice.

massaranduba deckingMassaranduba decking is also known as Brazilian Redwood. Massaranduba is an exotic hardwood that is native to South America. Massaranduba hardwood is usually compared to California Redwood and it is the likely alternative to Ipe. The natural and vibrant reddish-brown color is what attracts many to this exotic decking wood. While Massaranduba decking wood is visually pleasing, there is more to this decking wood than what meets the eye.

When compared to other decking wood, especially California Redwood, nothing comes close to what Massaranduba offers.  Here are some reasons why many individuals are drawn to Massranduba decking hardwood:

  • It has  a JANKA hardness of  3,190
  • It is 7x harder than California Redwood decking
  • It's highly resistant to decay and termites
  • It has a life span of over 25 years!
  • It requires very low maintenance

Massaranduba may be called many names but it provides a variety of benefits

Massaranduba is also called a myriad of different names. Some of the different names that Massranduba is called include: Acana, Bulletwood, Macranduba, Red Balata, Parju and a wide variety of other names. No matter what name Massaranduba goes by, one thing is for sure: It's vibrant, durable, strong and long- lasting. Most Massaranduba hardwood decking is harvested in managed forests to protect the environment and provide a robust renewable resource. Massarundaba is biodegradable thus making it the perfect choice for those seeking a sustainable decking wood.

Working with Massaranduba decking wood

massaranduba deckingWhen working with Massaranduba decking lumber, it's best to use carbide tipped saws. By using these specific tools, you will actually speed up the installation process.  Pre-drilling is required due to high density of the boards. To prevent splitting, it's best if you coat ends of the boards with a wax sealer. By following these simple installation instructions, working with Massaranduba decking will be simple.

What do most people use Massaranduba hardwood decking for?

While the exotic decking wood offers the opportunity to create beautiful masterpieces across a wide spectrum of applications, the most common uses of this beautiful Brazilian decking wood includes:

  • Flooring
  • Stairs
  • Decking
  • Billiard cues
  • Treads
  • And much more!

deckingWhether you are building stairs, decks or a floor, you can feel confident using an exotic hardwood that is durable, harder than most other decking woods and has a long life span. Massaranduba is ideally the perfect wood of choice if you are looking for sustainability and longevity.

Stop by Austin Wholesale Decking Supply and let one of our decking experts show you around!

Austin Wholesale Decking Supply carries Massaranduba and other exotic and natural woods for you to choose from.  Whether you are looking for Massranduba decking wood, Ipe, or any other type of natural decking wood, you can rest assured that we have it in our supply room. 

Come down to Austin Wholesale Decking Supply, or give call us and let our decking experts show you around and help you choose the perfect exotic decking wood for your next outdoor decking project.

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