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Capricorn Decking

by Latitudes®
Capricorn Composite Decking
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latitudes decking

Tropical composite decks from Capricorn™ derive inspiration from a wide variety of natural decking woods, which are known to be very eye-catching sourced from far and wide across the globe. These decking wood varieties are award-winning and top-of-the-range, allowing a stunning look to any backyard where they are placed.

Latitudes decking brand delivers an exotic feel and appearance to any home.  Considerably one of the most attractive styles from the Latitudes brand is Capricorn composite decking. It features two tropical colors:  koa and adobe and resembles ultra-low maintenance decking wood like Ipe and mahogany.

What makes Capricorn decking wood different than other decking woods on the market?

Capricorn decking wood has been fortified with the same kind of Strandex technology which is manufactured in all products of Latitudes composite decking. This unique technology provides the decking wood a superior surface which becomes impervious to staining, and also prevents fading of its elegant rich color.

Capricorn is splinter-free and bare foot friendly decking wood you can walk on!

The Capricorn decking wood is friendly to walk on with bare feet and has passed checks for splitting, splinter and rotting and thus relays lasting comfort and beauty. Capricorn decking wood does not require staining, sealing or painting work to be performed.  In addition to the many benefits that Capricorn wood provides, it also come with a 25 year limited warranty. Such guarantee of protection affords peace and comfort to homeowners and builders who fit the decking wood onto their exteriors.

You have a wide variety of options when you choose Capricorn composite decking wood

Composite decking from Capricorn carries a reversible finish comprising of wood-grain, presented in slotted (grooved), solid, decked boards available in lengths of 12, 16 and 20 feet. Settle for these boards which come along with innovative hidden fasteners from Equator in order to attain a cleaner appearance.

The many features of Capricorn composite decking wood provides include:

  • High-density polyethylene specialized formulation
  • Co-extrusion technology of advanced form offering ultra-low maintenance benefits
  • Exterior-finish that is durable plus resistant to fading and moisture attack
  • Stain-free attributes

Why do so many people prefer Capricorn over other types of tropical decking wood?  

Capricorn decking wood is one of the most favored types of decking lumber for wood working purposes. Given the right chemical treatment for combating pest, Capricorn composite decking can last considerably long. The life span of such decks relies primarily on wood types used together with their location.
Even though decking wood may decay, certain kinds are significantly resistant to the decomposition process and even last much longer than expected. However, when you choose a composite decking wood like Capricorn, chemical treatment becomes completely unnecessary.

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Whether you want Capricorn decking wood or another type of wood, our decking experts can help.  We carry a wide selection of the Latitudes decking brand, which includes:  Capricorn, Captiva, and Intrepid. It doesn't matter if you are building a marine dock, an outside deck or a patio, you can rest assured that any Latitudes decking wood you choose will help you create a beautiful masterpiece.

Call one of our decking specialists today and ask about the wide variety of decking products we carry.

capricorn decking

capricorn decking

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